Sunday, May 15, 2011

I still feel like nothing next to you

Autumn Breakdown

Autumn (or Fall, for your people on the further northern reaches of the planet) is an unquestionably beautiful time of the year. The summer heat has subsided and the leaves turn their umber to crimson hues, cascade everywhere and childhood nostalgia is cheekily relived as they get crunched underfoot.

Polar to this notion, autumn also represents a descent into cooler weather, with darker evenings falling earlier and with that (for me at least) an impending sense of struggle as the tougher (colder) months of the year are steadily approaching. This year where I live, Autumn practically ceased one day and a cold snap awoke me to remind me what it was like to not feel my fingers again, and shiver with a brush in my hand.

Seasons are a gentle if not stern affirmation that time stops for no-one and, as we watch our lives evolve and unfold its all too easy at the let-go of summer's hug to start questioning just what has to change to avoid the next winter feeling like the previously dark and cold one. Familiarity and retrospection breeds complacency, that's a no brainer, and after a recent late-night conversation with a close friend, it started to dawn on me that we're living within an era plagued by complacency, where perhaps the unprescribed pressure to have it 'all figured out' in what can be an extremely fickle and unstable environment, isn't necessarily doing anyone a world of good. Our obsession with success (and quite often affluence) bestowed up us by ourselves, the media, our families and contemporaries is only feeding a greater sense of status anxiety (thanks Alain DeBotton) and while I believe it's important to have a sense of something to strive for, it's all to easy to feel a tad daunted and directionless by our own lack of patience when things still feel the same.

While change can breed new levels of achievement and ambition, the weighing up of change can bring with it all sorts of anxieties. Autumn Breakdown is dedicated to anyone that's found themselves in their own space, unnerved at a sense of self-derailment. The only advice I can offer is to not overthink it and take the time to enjoy the smaller picture more often. If you spend your whole life thinking about what's next, you're never going to enjoy now. Of all people I'm no expert in this strategy, but I do know that trying to second-guess everything is an utter waste of time.





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